Our mission is to make sure our youth know and understand our culture to maintain our background by teaching them how to dance Burundian traditional music and songs. We also teach them our cultures, Burundian language… some of our youth don’t remember our native language therefore we have to choose one of them to translate for others who can’t understand our native language.

 Other youth committee’s mission is to keep our youth out of trouble. The way we do this is by organizing meetings with our youth and discussing about their lives and lifestyles. We encourage them to not only work hard in school but to also like school. Some of our children have greater problems though like smoking, stealing, and drinking beer in secret. Our outreach representatives meet with them and teach them how to behave better. The committee gives them examples of a person who is successful in life because he went to school and didn’t smoke, steal, or drink.

Because of the education we are giving them now we are starting to see a big difference in their behavior.

It is expensive to gather these children because some of them don’t have rides to come to the meeting, so we must use our own cars and gas to pick them up and bring them to the meetings, where afterwards we then feed them.


The committee gives their fellow women advice on how to maintain a healthy marriage and when there is a conflict/dispute in the family, the women committee and board directors seat together with the family with problems and help them to solve their problems and maintain their good relation and health marriage.

If they’re sick or have family members who are sick at home or in the hospital, they committee visit them there.


UBUMWE aims to assist new immigrants and new refugees on adjustment to the greater East Tennessee region through outreach and social gatherings.

We help new comers to find where are job openings and help them to apply for those jobs.

We transport new comers to the clinics/hospitals if necessary.

We help new comers to look for house to rent in case they are not familiar with the neighborhood.

UBUMWE assists the immigrants in different social activities such as

·        Scheduling doctor’s appointments

·        Regular hospital visits

·        English translations and interpretation from their native languages.

We also train refugees to like and keep jobs and other areas that need assistance with translations/interpretation.

Most of all, UBUMWE helps members find jobs and transportation.



It is a big challenge to be locked out.

When the landlord is about to lock out one of our members /community due to the lack of money to pay rent and have letter from landlord asking him to vacate the house, after analyzing the situation and find out that he/she does not have any way to pay that rent, all ubumwe members make a special contribution to help that family to pay one month rent and give them counseling and help them to find a job.


We help to interpret in English from our community native languages when they have appointments.

 We also help them to fill out their assistance application forms.

For those who do not know how to drive or do not have their own cars, we provide transportation to them to attend to their appointments